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Caring for your Amnesia Roses

Amnesia Roses, with their thornless stems and mystical fragrance, are an absolute joy to behold and will bring an old fashioned sophistication to every surrounding. Please follow these conditioning tips to get the most out of your Amnesia Roses:

  • On receipt, cut your Amnesia Rose stems at a 45 degree angle with a sharp knife about 1½ inches from the base.
  • Remove all of the lower foliage.
  • Fill clean buckets with boiling water & sterilising powder.
  • Once sterilised, tip out the hot water & replace with tepid water & flower food.
  • Place your Amnesia Roses in the flower bucket - submerge them in deep water to just below the flowering heads.
  • Leave the roses over night to hydrate properly - they will be ready to work with in the morning.
  • Do not leave the Amnesia roses near a radiator, in direct sunlight, close to fruit, or in a draughty area.

A Top Tip!

The outer petals of Amnesia Roses are called 'guard petals'. These guard petals are often darker and thicker than the inside petals. For a beautiful fresh look,  remove them with your fingers before arranging.

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